Camloc Tension Latches

Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty

Design and Features

Basic Components:

typical tension latch unlocked position

How It Operates:

panels pulled together

With drawhook engaged in strike, a downward force is applied to handle causing draw hook to pull mating panels together.

drawhook center

Positive lock is achieved when drawhook center is beyond the common center line of the base and strike. Panels are held in place with tension load on latch.

lift to unlock and disengage

To unlock, simply pull up on handle and disengage drawhook from strike.

Operating Action:

Over-Center and Under-Center.

There are two distinct operating actions for tension latches: over-center and under-center. Both provide positive lock-up.

over-center operating action
over-center locked position

Over-center operating action rotates drawhook center over base center and comes to a locked position below the common center line of the base and strike. Its advantages are: low profile and large take-up.

Note: Strike must be mounted on same (or lower) panel plane as base of latch to insure positive lock-up.

under-center locked position

Under-center operating action rotates the drawhook center under the base center and comes to a locked position above the common center line of the base and strike. Its advantages are: handle covers drawhook, short length and latch not sensitive to strike position.


take up

Take-up is the distance latch pulls two mating sections or panels together.

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