Camloc Tension Latches 64L Series

Panel Preparation, Assembly and Installation Data

Panel Preparation

64L panel prep


  1. Locate and form .3125 Dia. Min. hole.
  2. Grip = panel thickness + frame thickness. Grip not to exceed .600 inches.

Operating Instructions

unlocked and locked positions


  1. To unlock latch, turn screw approximately 250° counter-clockwise; to lock latch, turn clockwise until limit washer butts against the frame.
  2. Lock up torque and clamping force may vary over the grip range. Turn adjustment nut as desired: clockwise to increase lock-up torque and clamping force; counterclockwise to decrease lock-up torque and clamping force.

Assembly and Installation

pawl latch installed


  1. Feed open end of pawl wire through slot in limit washer and rotate counter-clockwise until stopped by loop end.
  2. Feed screw through decorative washer (optional), panel hole and subassembly of limit washer/pawl wire.
  3. Fasten nut on screw to complete assembly in panel.
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