PT104L Series - Camloc Panel Latches

Key or Bail Operated - PT104L Series

  • Supplied with Bail and Key.
  • Actuator flush with panel.
  • No Strike required.
  • Slotted mounting holes provide .75 adjustment.







Part No.

Weight Per Piece (lbs.)


Actuator Style


1/4" x 20"
Thread and Key

Cage and Plate: Steel (Zinc Plated)
Bolt and Actuator: Sintered Steel (Zinc Plated)
Spring: Music Wire




Note: Keys and Bails available separately; contact factory.

Panel Preparation and Installation Data (104L and PT104L Series)

Tool Operated

Tool Operated
  1. Locate and form 2 holes .220 Diameter Reference and 1 clearance hole .460 Diameter Minimum.
  2. Attach latch with No. 10 screws (not supplied).Slotted mounting holes in latch allow .75 inch adjustment prior to attachment.

Hand Operated

Hand Operated
  1. See tool operated version, notes 1 and 2.
  2. Press on plastic knob after mounting latch to panel.
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