Camloc Latches 122L / 123L Series

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

122L Series - Panel Cutout

122l series latch

123L Series - Panel Cutout

123l series latch

Installation Procedure

  1. Locate and form clearance hole:
    123L Series = .566/.558 diameter reference
    122L Series = .408/.402 diameter reference
  2. Form cup anti-rotation grooves per diagram above.
  3. Position pawl at extreme open position and insert pawl end into front side of mounting hole.
  4. Push entire latch through hole, taking care to position torque lugs in proper anti-rotation grooves.
  5. For Snap-in versions: Push with thumb until snap-ring passes completely through panel and expands to its open position.
  6. For Panel Nut versions: Slip hex panel nut over pawl and thread onto latch housing.
  7. Tighten hex nut.

To Operate:

  1. Rotate head 1/4-turn clockwise to lock. Keep rotating head to increase clamping force.
  2. To unlock, rotate head counterclockwise.
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